Bulk Metallic Glass Research

Metallic glasses exhibit very high strength and intrinsically low density due to their “liquid-like” atomic structure.  This seemingly “random” atomic ordering has been historically difficult to measure, but recent work has characterized it in simple systems using advanced X-ray sources and first principles simulations [1-3].

Previous work in the High Strain Rate Lab with a bulk metallic glass indicated a shock induced transition to a high-pressure phase with a higher bulk modulus [4].  High pressure studies performed quasi-statically with a diamond anvil cell on a binary Ce-Al metallic glass showed pressure-induced polyamorphism into a higher density amorphous structure at pressures above ~1 GPa [5] and then crystallization into a unique phase at ~25 GPa [6].

This work focuses on characterizing the shock compression induced atomic structural changes in Ce3Al metallic glass.  Shock compression is accomplished using the 3J Nd:YAG pulse laser in the High Strain Rate Lab and the 50 J OMEGA laser at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics in Rochester, NY.  Characterization of recovered samples is performed using the National Synchrotron Light Source (I & II) at Brookhaven National Lab.  The results of this work will advance our fundamental understanding of pressure-induced phase changes in metallic glasses.

Figure 1: Cross-Sectional Schematic of the Georgia Tech HSRL Nd:YAG pulsed laser shock setup

Figure 2: Schematic illustration of the side (a) and top (b) view of the sample stack used in the recovery tube (c) for OMEGA laser experiments

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